Those pupils who effectively demonstrate our STAR values and behaviours and play an integral and positive role in the Academy community will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills by becoming an Academy Leader. Such pupils are expected to embody our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities through a commitment to excelling in their studies and helping others in their spare time, conducting themselves with integrity and being respectful to everyone they encounter. They will be willing to go the extra mile in terms of helping staff and supporting their fellow pupils, and behave impeccably both in and outside of the Academy.
School Council

Our Academy has a vibrant School Council, which gives pupils the opportunity to be actively involved in the leadership and management of the Academy. Pupils from Years 2-6 are elected by their peers to represent their opinions and raise issues with our Headteacher and governors in the school. We have a Chairperson, a Secretary and a great team who inform their class what the School Councillors are working on. The School Council can take forward projects on behalf of pupils, and be involved in planning charity events in school and working with parents.

The School Council provides a democratic forum where pupils can address Academy-related issues that affect their lives, ensuring open lines of communication between pupils and Academy staff.

To be effective, the School Council must:

  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views
  • Provide feedback to pupils about how their views will be addressed
  • Make things happen – or explain why they can’t

In doing so, pupils develop an understanding of the importance of freedom of speech and democracy, learning how to effect change in a constructive way. They develop a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and are able to address and debate issues of concern with staff. Elected by their peers, the School Council gives all pupils a much-needed “voice,” ensuring that they become partners in their own education and are given a say in terms of how they learn and achieve.

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Thornbury

Our Mayor and Mayoress act as ambassadors for the Academy and are excellent role models and leaders. They represent the Academy at official presentations and functions and present certificates and trophies to their peers in assemblies. They also draw the names of winners from any competitions we carry out.

Their behaviour, conduct, appearance and attitude to work is of an exemplary standard at all times, and their attendance and punctuality is excellent.

The Mayor and Mayoress have positive relationships with both pupils and staff, acting as role models to their peers, whilst also supporting staff in the commission of their duties.

Thornbury Angels

Thornbury Angels carry out various roles of responsibility throughout the school. These include acting as mentors for Key Stage 1 children and helping them with their reading; serving as the Headteacher’s “PA” and assisting with basic administrative tasks; lending a helping hand to lunchtime supervisors in the dining room and organising and supervising playtime activities for other children, for example by initiating games in the playground.

ICT Experts

Pupils with advanced ICT skills support other classes and children in delivering ICT. They are trained to be experts on particular programmes and then use their knowledge to assist others.