Parent Communication

Communication with our Parents is very important and we strive to ensure parents are aware of all activities in school. On this page, not only will you find recent letters to parents, but also other information we think is relevant to the education and wellbeing of you and your children.

For the most up to date information regarding Coronavirus from the Department of Education, please follow the link below:

For instructions of how to wash your hands correctly

Title Download
01.07.2020 – Milk letter Autumn 2020 – Reception – Year 5 Download
02.12.2020 – 6P Online Learning letter Download
04.01.2020 – LOCKDOWN 5TH JANUARY 2021 Download
05.01.2021 – Lockdown Information for Parents Download
06.10.2020 Parent Teacher Consultation letter Aut 2020-2021 Download
08.04.20 – Free School Meals Government Scheme Download
08.04.2020 – Benefits related Free School Meals Download
09.11.2020 – Covid 19 letter to Parents Download
10.11.2020 – Covid 19 – Symptom checker Download
11.11.2020 – Letter to Parents – 2WM Online Learning Download
15.12.2020 – Wellbeing for the Holidays Download
19.10.2020 – Parking Spaces for Parents Download
22.10.20 Laisterdyke – Transition letter Download
28.09.20 – Covid 19 Guide for Parents Download
28.09.2020 – COVID 19 Guide for Parents – Letter Download
29.09.2020 – Anti Bullying Leaflet Download
30.11.2020 – 3K Online learning Download
Change of times for dropping and and collection Sept 2020 Download
Guidance for those children isolation 14.09.2020 Download
PSHE with Oak National Academy Download