Young pupils at Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy had an ‘egg-citing’ return to school thanks to some very special classroom visitors.

Reception pupils at the Bradford primary school were welcomed back into the classroom following the full reopening of schools to all pupils, with a fun duckling experience.

Eggs were brought to the school in an incubator and pupils watched as the eggs hatched into ducklings. Pupils even had the chance to see their fluffy ducklings take their first swim.

Liz Miles, Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) Leader at the school, said that the experience had been a wonderful opportunity to help pupils settle back into school life.

She said: “Our young pupils have dealt with so much disruption over the last year, and we felt that we could all do with an uplifting activity.

“By bringing the duckling eggs into school, our pupils had the opportunity to witness an everyday miracle and to share in a beautiful moment of wonder.

“It really was a very special experience and one I know we will all cherish for a long time.”

The ducklings have since been rehomed and are now enjoying life on a farm in Halifax.