Upper Key Stage 2

The curriculum in Upper Key Stage 2 builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding already amassed during Lower Key Stage 2. The Academy continues to focus on key subject areas and cross-curricular links designed to enhance learning and encourage growth and active participation in all subject areas, including Maths, Literacy, Science, ICT, E-Safety, History, Geography, RE, Art and Design Technology, PSHE, SEAL, Music, PE and Modern Foreign Languages. A theme-based approach is taken across all subjects and encourages creative thinking.

In keeping with our leadership specialism, students in Upper Key Stage 2 are encouraged to become aspiring leaders and assume additional responsibilities in their roles as senior students. We ensure they are well prepared for Year 6 SATs and the transition to secondary school.

Year 5 Curriculum
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Year 5 Curriculum 2019-20 Download
Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – Geography – Climate change Download
Year 5 Knowledge Organiser – Science – Earth and Space Download
Year 6 Curriculum
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Year 6 Curriculum 2019-20 Download
Year 6 Knowledge Organiser – History WWII Download
Year 6 Knowledge Organiser – Science – Classification of living things including microorganisms Download